Set for cutting of polystyrene ZD-20K

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD-20K
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Set for cutting of polystyrene ZD-20K is a professional tool for working with polystyrene. In addition, a replaceable nozzle turns it into a handy soldering iron, which can perform all the same steps as conventional electric soldering iron similar power.

Features of the device for cutting polystyrene ZD-20K:

  • Easily cuts the material is not dependent on the complexity of the pattern.
  • Great for cutting holes and curved cuts.
  • Heats up within 10 seconds.
  • 3 tips included.
  • Stand and power adapter included.

Characteristics of the kit for cutting polystyrene ZD-20K:

  • Power: 8 W
  • Power adapter: input voltage: 100 - 240V, output voltage: 6V 1500mA
  • The tip model D2-9 (soldering iron)
  • The tip model D2-10 (cutting long)
  • Tip model: D2-11 (cross cutting)

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