Case for power bank KA4 for 4 batteries 18650 on 2USB, Micro-USB, Type-C, 10W

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The case for the KA4 power bank is a reliable and convenient solution for creating your own external battery with a large capacity, which will always be at your fingertips, ready to charge your devices at any time.

Technical characteristics:

  • Number of battery slots: 4
  • Battery type: 18650
  • Output connectors: 2 USB, Micro-USB, Type-C
  • Power: 10 W
  • Maximum output current: 2.1 A
  • Body material: Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Color: Black

Features of the KA4 hull:

  • Multifunctionality: Equipped with two USB outputs, as well as Micro-USB and Type-C connectors, this case allows you to charge several devices at the same time, including smartphones, tablets, headphones and many others.
  • Waterproofness: Protected against moisture and dust, the KA4 case is suitable for use in harsh climates or during outdoor activities.
  • Easy connection: Easy assembly and connection of 18650 batteries allows you to quickly create your own external battery.
  • High compatibility: Compatible with many types of 18650 batteries, making it a versatile choice for building a powerful external battery.
  • High power: The KA4 case provides a high power of 10 W, which allows you to charge your devices efficiently and quickly.

With the KA4 power bank case, you will always be able to stay connected and use your devices, even when charging becomes a problem. Choose reliability and power together with KA4!

Order the housing for the KA4 power bank today in the WST store at a good price and quality guarantee! Don't miss the chance to have a reliable external battery for your devices.

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