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A log-periodic aerial antenna 28-2 Logo is a modern broadband antenna with double polarization, is designed to receive digital terrestrial television DVB-T/T2 in the UHF (470 ... 790 MHz). Characteristic features of the antenna include the ease of installation (antenna is fully assembled), the flatness of gain characteristics throughout the band of VHF and UHF and the impedance match of 75 Ohms, so the antenna does not require the balun device. The antenna cable is connected to the F connector (included). The price of external antenna 28-2 Logo is very attractive and even if you count the retail value of the materials from which made the cost of antenna outdoor antenna Logo 28-2 will be higher selling price.

The antenna was developed by the specialists of the Scientific and technical University's electronics Department. The number of radiating elements and their shape was optimized via specialized software to provide the required operating parameters. The implementation of antenna with two operating bands has allowed to reduce the size of the antenna with respect to the classical broadband antenna solution.

The antenna is a typical urban or suburban antenna to receive the signal T2 in the full range of UHF frequencies in horizontal, vertical or mixed polarization. It can be installed on antenna mast on the roof or on the wall or balcony railing.

Emitting elements with a diameter of 3.92 mm was manufactured of tempered aluminum alloy. The longest element, while maintaining the elasticity, maintains a constant load located at the end corresponding to the weight less than 0.8 kg. For comparison, the weight of the dove does not exceed 0.4 kg.

Price external digital antenna Logo 28-2 includes everything needed to connect the antenna to the cable, sufficient to install it on a bracket or a mast and connect the cable. Specialists of Internet-shop “”House of ham” will help you to find the right antenna to receive digital terrestrial television standard DVB-T2 at the best price and advise you need to connect accessories.


  • Band [MHz]: 470-790

  • Gain [dBi]: 11-13

  • VSWR: <1,7

  • Radiation forward / back [dB]: 20 ... 30

  • H / V / a mixed

  • Output resistance [Ohm]: 75

  • Weight [kg]: 0,6

  • Maximum mast diameter [mm]: 40

  • Dimensions [mm]: 725 x 1150 x 40

  • The width of the beam H / V [deg]: 30 40 ...

  • Packing: polyethylene

Brand Вектор Плюс
Выходное сопротивление (Ом) 75 Ом
Длина кабеля в комплекте (м) Нет
Количество вибраторов, директоров и рефлекторов 28
Конструкция антенны Логопериодическая
Коэффициент усиления (дБ) 11...13 дБ
Материал конструкции антенны Алюминий
Направленность антенны Узконаправленная
Питание антенны (V) Нет
Поддержка аналогового и цифрового DVB-T/T2 Да
Подключение антенны F-штекер «папа»
Расстояние от телевышки Среднее
Тип антенны Наружная
Тип упаковки Без коробки
Усиление сигнала Без усилителя
Частотный диапазон (МГц) ДМВ (470...862 МГц / 21-69к.)

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