LED lantern LL-A7660 54pcs, SMD LED(5.4W) 2*Lithium battery 4000mAH0.8M USB charging

Brand: Китай
Product Code: LL-A7660
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  • LED flashlight LL-A7660 from WST is a powerful and reliable light source for various needs. Here are some technical characteristics of this lantern:

    • LED power: 5.4W (54 pcs. SMD LED)
    • Battery: 2 lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 4000mAh
    • Charging method: From USB
    • Body type: Strong and durable
    • Working time: Depends on the mode of use, but up to 10 hours with fully charged batteries
    • LED type: Bright and reliable, with a service life of about 100,000 hours
    • Body material: High-quality ABS plastic
    • Weight: Light and portable
    • Input: AC 110-220V, 50/60Hz
    • Charging time: About 8 hours
    • Operating temperature: From -10°C to 40°C

    This lantern is perfect for camping, hiking, emergencies, and many other situations where you need a reliable light source. It has a powerful battery, high-quality LEDs and a convenient USB charging system.

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