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Digital multimeter Digital Tech DT83B is a pocket device for various measurements in the field of electronics and electricity. With it, you can measure direct and alternating voltage, direct current, resistance, check diodes, test connections and test batteries.

Technical characteristics:

  • Alternating voltage: 200/400 V
  • DC voltage: 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V/400V
  • Direct current: 2000 μA/20 mA/200 mA
  • Resistance: 200 Ohm/2000 Ohm/20 kOhm/200 kOhm/2000 KOhm

Functional capabilities:

  • Sound ringing of the chain
  • Battery test
  • Diode test
  • Low battery indication


  • Multimeter DT83B
  • User manual

This multimeter is reliable and easy to use. It can be used for a wide range of measurements for electronics professionals and enthusiasts. You can buy it from various electronics stores or specialized online platforms at an affordable price. This product can also be purchased at the WST store, which offers a wide range of electronics and accessories for your comfort and professional needs.

Переменное напряжение (AC) 200 В/400 В
Постоянное напряжение (DC) 200 мВ/2000 мВ/20 В/200 В/400 В
Постоянный ток (DC) 2000 мкА/20 мА/200 мА
Сопротивление 200 Ом/2000 Ом/20 кОм/200 кОм/2000 КОм
Special functions
Выбор диапазона Ручной
Прозвонка цепи (со звуковым сигналом) +
Тестирование батарей +
Тестирование диодов +
Функция удержания данных +
General characteristics
Назначение Измерение напряжения
Питание Батарея 12 В
Тип Мультиметры

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