Digital multimeter, unit UT33D+

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UNIT UT-33D+ digital multimeter with high voltage detection function is part of a new generation of affordable multimeters. Its innovative industrial design ensures high strength, which is confirmed by the ability to withstand drops from a height of up to 2 meters. The new LIQUID CRYSTAL display guarantees a better user interface and ease of use.

All multimeters of the UT33+ series are manufactured taking into account the safety requirements of working in CAT II 600 V environments, which makes them reliable and safe to work with electrical circuits.

The UT33D+ multimeter is designed to measure constant and alternating voltage in the range of up to 600 V AC/DC, DC current up to 10 A, resistance up to 200 MΩ. It also has a diode check function and a conductivity test. The measurement limits are manually selected, allowing the user to configure the multimeter for a variety of tasks with ease.

Digital multimeter UT33D+ is a reliable tool for measuring electrical parameters both in professional and at home conditions. You can buy it from the WST store at an affordable price and get a reliable tool for various electrical measurement tasks.

Technical characteristics of UT 33D+:

  • DC voltage (V): 200.0 mV - 600 V
  • AC voltage (V): 200.0 mV - 600 V
  • DC current (A): 200.0 μA - 10 A
  • Resistance: 200.0 Mu - 200 MΩ
  • Automatic border selection: -
  • Auto shut-off of the multimeter and backlight: +
  • Conductivity check with sound indication: +
  • Diode testing: +
  • High voltage detection function (NCV): +
  • Display: 66 x 51 mm, 2000 counts
  • Power supply: 1.5 V, type AAA 2 pcs.
  • Dimensions: 131 x 95 x 58 mm
  • Weight: 473 gr.

Functional capabilities:

  • High voltage detection function (NCV)
  • Resistance to falling from a height of 2 meters
  • Conductivity test with sound indication, diode testing
  • Indication of insufficient battery charge


  • Digital multimeter UNIT UT33D+
  • Measuring probes
  • User manual
Переменное напряжение (AC) 200,0 мВ - 600 В
Постоянное напряжение (DC) 200,0 мВ - 600 В
Постоянный ток (DC) 200,0 мкА - 10 А
Сопротивление 200,0 Ом - 200 МОм
Special functions
Выбор диапазона Ручной
Подсветка дисплея +
Прозвонка цепи (со звуковым сигналом) +
Тестирование диодов +
General characteristics
Вес 131 x 95 x 58 мм/473 гр./66 x 51 мм, 2000 отсчётов
Гарантия 12 месяцев
Назначение Измерение напряжения
Питание 1,5 В, тип AAA 2шт.
Тип Мультиметры

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