Digital multimeter-test UNI-T UT-116C

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The UNI-T UT-116C is a digital multimeter tester designed to perform a wide range of measurements, providing convenience and accuracy. This device is an indispensable tool for measuring battery voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode testing, as well as circuit ringing and polarity of semiconductor zener diodes.

The main advantage of the UT-116C multimeter is its advanced capabilities. Not only is it capable of measuring resistance values ​​from 300 ohms to 30 megohms and capacitances from 3 nF to 30 mF, but it can reproduce accurate diode test results. Thanks to the function of checking the polarity of semiconductor zener diodes, you can confidently determine their correct operation.

This multimeter has a number of intelligent functions that make its use more convenient. The data retention function allows you to save the measured values ​​on the screen even after removing the device from the object. Automatic shutdown saves battery power, and a low battery indicator always alerts you to the need to replace the batteries.

An important feature of this multimeter is the built-in measuring probes, which can be rotated around their axis. This simplifies access to difficult locations and improves measurement accuracy. Additionally, the kit includes a case for storing probes.

The UT-116C multimeter has a clear display with a resolution of 6000 readings, which displays the obtained values ​​with high accuracy. The dimensions of the device are 204x33x25 mm, and the weight is approximately 80 grams.

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This multimeter probe has built-in test probes that can rotate around their axis. This improves access to difficult places and provides more accurate measurements. A case is provided for storing the probes in the kit.


  • Resistance range: from 300 ohms to 30 megohms

  • Capacitance range: 3 nF to 30 mF

  • Display resolution: 6000 counts

  • Dimensions: 204x33x25 mm

  • Weight: about 80 g

Complete set:

  • Multimeter UNI-T UT-116C

  • Power batteries (1.5V AAA) - 2 pcs.

  • Measuring probes

  • Measuring cords

  • Cover for probes

Емкость от 3 нФ до 30 мФ
Сопротивление 60 МОм
General characteristics
Вес 80 г
Габаритные размеры 204x33x25 мм
Назначение Измерение конденсаторов и резисторов
Питание 1.5В (ААА) х2 шт.
Тип Мультиметры

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