Universal automotive multimeter Unit UT106

Brand: UNI-T
Product Code: UU-290
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Multifunctional device for electricians, multimeter UT106, used in the diagnosis and repair of vehicles to measure the number of revolutions of the crankshaft angle of the breaker ignition system, the engine speed, voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature, diode check, continuity test. UT106 is used to diagnose a number of automotive Troubleshooting check fuse, ignition switch, solenoid and relay, battery, test sensors etc. the Multimeter has full overload protection and is reliable in operation.

The functionality of the multimeter UT106:

  • Measurement functions:
    • DC
    • constant voltage
    • variable voltage
    • resistance
    • frequency
    • temperature
    • continuity test (with buzzer)
    • diode test
    • testing of circuit breaker
    • the engine speed
    • the speed of the engine crankshaft
  • Fuse 10A
  • Mode data hold
  • Indicator low battery

Technical characteristics of the multimeter UT106:

Screen1999 digits LCD display, 60 x 54 mm
Foodbattery 9V (6F22)
Dimensions179 x 88 x 39
Weight352 g
Constant voltage (DC)200mV/ 2V /20V /200V /1000V; ±(0,5%+2)
An alternating voltage (AC)200V /750V; ±(0,8%+5)
Direct current (DC)200mA /10A; ±(0,8%+5)
Resistance200ω /2kω /20kω /200кОм /2mω /20mω; ±(0,8%+5)
Rotation frequency dvigalet4/6/8 cylinders; ±(3%+5)
The revolutions of the crankshaft4/6/8 cylinders; ±(3%+5)
Frequency2kHz; ±(2%+5)
Temperature-40?C1000?C; ±(2%+8)
Testing of circuit breaker+
Special functions
Continuity test (with buzzer)+
Diode test+
Data hold function+
Overload protection up to 10A+
Indication of low battery+

Supplied with the multimeter UT106:

  • Multimeter UT106
  • Test leads – 1 pair
  • Thermocouple - 1 pair
  • Battery – 1 PCs
  • Instruction manual - 1 PC.
Special functions

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