Universal multimeter Mastech M1015B (analog)

Brand: Mastech
Product Code: MM-409
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Multimeter Mastech M1015B – reliable analog instrument for measuring DC current, DC voltage and resistance. The multimeter allows testing of diodes and transistors, checking of batteries. The choice of limits is performed in manual mode with the rotary switch. MASTECH M1015B multimeter comes with test leads and instruction manual.

The functionality of the multimeter Mastech M1051B:

  • Measurement functions:
    • DC
    • AC / DC voltage
    • resistance
    • Testing of batteries
  • Manual range

Technical characteristics of the multimeter Mastech M1015B:

General characteristics
FoodAA battery*1pcs.
Dimensions116 x 68 x 35 mm
Weight195 g
Constant voltage (DC)2.5 V / 10V / 50V/ 250V / 300V, ±5%
An alternating voltage (AC)10V / 50V/ 250V /300V, ±5%
Direct current (DC)10 mA/ 250 mA; ±(1% + 2)
Resistance20kω / 2mω; ±5%
Special functions
Testing of batteries+

Supplied with the multimeter Mastech M1015B:

  • Multimeter Mastech M1015B
  • Test leads – 1 pair
  • Instruction manual - 1 PC.
General characteristics
Special functions

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