Universal multimeter Mastech MAS830LC

Brand: Mastech
Product Code: MM-266
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Digital multimeter Mastech MAS830LC designed to work in networks of AC and DC voltages up to 300 V. an Inexpensive measuring device will benefit to both Amateurs and professionals. The basic functionality is extended such extra features like backlight display, hold values, test diodes and transistors.

Specifications of digital multimeter Mastech MAS830LC:

SpecificationsRangeBasic accuracy
Voltage DC 200mV / 2V / 20V / 200V 0,5%+3 R. E. M.
300V 0,8%+5 R. E. M.
Voltage: AC200V /300V 1,2%+10 R. E. M.
DC20µa / 200µa / 2mA1,0%+3 R. E. M.
20mA1,0%+5 R. E. M.
200mA1,5%+5 R. E. M.
10 And3,0%+10 R. E. M.
Resistance200? / 2k? / 20k? / 200k?0,8%+2 R. E. M.
2M?1,0%+5 R. E. M.
Number of samples1999
Automatic measurement range selection no
The HOLD functionthere
The display backlightthere
The test for conductivitythere
Test p-n junctionsthere
Test batteriesno
Auto power offno
Indicator low batterythere
Food9 V battery 1 x 6F22 alkaline
Dimensions / weight144 x 74 x 40 mm / 250 gr.

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