Voltmeter ammeter digital 100V 10A

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Universal DC voltmeter/ammeter is a reliable and convenient measuring device designed to monitor voltage in the range 0-100V and current up to 10A. With its help, you can effectively measure the parameters of various electrical sources, such as solar cells, power supplies, batteries and loads.


  1. Solar panel monitoring: Measure and monitor voltage and current to ensure efficient solar cell operation.
  2. Control of power supply parameters: Check the output parameters of the power supply to ensure stable operation of electronics.
  3. Battery parameter monitoring: Monitor battery voltage and charge/discharge current for long battery life.
  4. Load control: Measure the current drawn by the connected load.

Technical characteristics:

  • Voltage measurement: DC 0-100V.
  • Power supply voltage: DC 4.5-30V (It is unacceptable to exceed the supply voltage by more than 30V – the failure of the voltmeter and fire are possible).
  • Voltage measurement step: 0.1.
  • Current measurement: 0-10A.
  • Current measurement step: DC 0.01 A.
  • Accuracy of measurements: 1%.
  • Speed of measurements: ≥300 ms.
  • Own consumption: 20 mA.
  • Measurement display: voltage in red, current in blue.
  • Display of results: digital.
  • Type of device: built-in.

This measuring device is an ideal choice for those who value accuracy and reliability in the control of electrical parameters. Order it now in the WST online store and see for yourself its high quality and ease of use.

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