The infrared pyrometer Benetech Benetech GM1500

Brand: Benetech
Product Code: 12-1813
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Infrared digital thermometer Benetech GM1500 is designed for contactless measurement of surface temperature in the range from -18?C to 1350 ?C. Allows you to make measurements as in ?C and ?F. backlit display. Has the function of data hold and auto power off when idle. There is also the possibility of correction cofficient emissivity in the range from 0.1 to 1.00. This allows for measurements of the temperature for different types of surfaces. In addition, there is indication of low battery, and display the average, maximum and minimum values, calculation of the temperature difference. Optionally save the results of measurements. Powered by 9V battery (6F22 "Crown").

Dimensions: 200х155х59 mm Weight: 312 g


  • Data hold function
  • Sleep
  • Indication of low battery
  • Optional (on/ laser pointer
  • Function Max/Min
  • The data saving function
  • The calculation of the temperature difference
  • Correction factor of the emissivity
  • Measuring range of temperature: -18°C ... 1350°C
  • The display backlight
  • Response time: 500 MS
  • The possibility of measuring in °C and °F
  • Optical resolution: 50:01

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