Digital thermohygrometer HTC-2 with a remote temperature sensor

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Thermohygrometer HTC-2 with a remote temperature sensor is a modern and universal device that allows you to measure temperature and humidity in the room using an additional remote temperature sensor. Thanks to this function, you can place the temperature sensor in the right place, for example, near the window or in another place that you want to measure.

The HTC-2 provides accurate temperature and humidity measurements and has a convenient display where you can see both at the same time. The device also has the function of saving maximum and minimum values, which allows you to track climate changes throughout the day.

With the HTC-2 thermohygrometer with a remote temperature sensor, you can conveniently monitor the temperature and humidity in different places of the room at the same time. This is especially useful if you need to measure the temperature at different points in the room or in different rooms.

Order the HTC-2 thermohygrometer with a remote temperature sensor at WST and provide yourself with convenient and accurate control over the climate in your environment.

Weather station with clock, alarm clock and street sensor + batteries

HTC-2 is a multifunctional weather station with an LCD display and an external sensor on a cable about 1.5 m long.

The device displays

Temperature in the room

outside temperature


Time and date

Very simple operation, with 3 buttons on the front panel, we can set the time, date, set the alarm and display the minimum and maximum temperature.

In addition, there is a button on the back panel to change the displayed temperature in degrees Celsius (ºC) or Fahrenheit (ºF).

The device has a mounting hole for hanging on the wall and a stand, thanks to which it can be placed anywhere (table, desk, furniture, etc.)

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