Water tester, combined salinity meter/conductor TDS/EC meter TES-1

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TDS/EC meter TES-1: monitor water quality anywhere

TDS/EC meter TES-1 is a portable device that allows you to quickly and easily measure three important water parameters: total mineralization (TDS), electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature. This device is indispensable for everyone who cares about the quality of the water they use.

TDS measurement

TDS (total dissolved solids) is one of the most important indicators of water quality. It determines the amount of minerals, salts and other dissolved substances in the water. High levels of TDS can be harmful to health, so it is important to control it.

EC measurement

EC (electrical conductivity) is an indicator that determines the ability of water to conduct an electric current. It also depends on the amount of dissolved substances in the water. A high EC level may indicate that the water is contaminated.

Temperature measurement

Water temperature is also an important factor to consider. It can affect the taste of water, as well as the solubility of minerals.

Advantages of TDS/EC meter TES-1

  • Compact and portable  - you can easily carry it with you anywhere.
  • Simplicity in operation - no special skills are required to use the device.
  • High accuracy  - measurement accuracy is +2%.

Application of TDS/EC meter TES-1

TDS/EC meter TES-1 can be used for various purposes, in particular:

  • Control of drinking water quality
  • Dilution of fertilizers for plants
  • Water quality control in the aquarium

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