16mm anti-vandal button , non-latching, 220V, findings under the screw

Brand: Китай
Product Code: 11-0690
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Vandal-proof button, 16 mm PBS-28B "" is designed for electrical circuits switching. The findings of a screw. Non-latching switch positions of the switch. Without light indication. Button is push-pull. The button surface is flat.

Technical characteristics of vandal-proof button, 16 mm PBS-28B "" non-locking, 2 contacts, 220V

  • Number of contacts: 2
  • Switch OFF-(ON)
  • Rated voltage: 220V (max 18V)
  • Rated current: 2A (250V AC)
  • Installation diameter: 16 mm
  • Indicator light: no
  • The locking positions of the switch: no
  • Color buttons: metal
  • Service life: 50 000 cycles
Количество контактов 2
Переключатель ON-OFF
Рабочий ток, А 2

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