Programming power supply. Owon ODP3033, three channels 2x(30B/3A), 1x(6V/3A)

Brand: Owon
Product Code: ODP3033
17,277 ₴

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The ODP3033 OWON laboratory power supply is a precision and versatile device designed to power a variety of electronic devices and equipment that require stable constant voltage. Due to its high technical characteristics and a number of useful functions, it is ideal for use in laboratory conditions and other additional applications.

Features and Functionality:

  • Precision Power Channels: 3 adjustable channels: 2 x 30V/3A and +adjustable 6V/3A, providing 198W of power. This allows simultaneously powering different devices with different voltages and powers.
  • Low Noise Level: Excellent noise level, less than 300 μV cf. sq. / 2 mV amp, which guarantees a stable and clean constant voltage.
  • Protection Function: Equipped with overvoltage and overload protection functions, which ensures the safety of connected devices and the power supply itself.
  • Programmable Timer and Recorder: Ability to program a timer for 10 groups of parameters and a recorder for 10K groups (voltage, current, power) for convenient monitoring and control of parameters.
  • Interfaces and Support: Support for SCPI and LabVIEW control commands along with USB, RS232, LAN hardware interfaces, enabling remote control and integration with other devices.

Additional Features:

  • Large LCD Display: 4-inch TFT display with a resolution of 480 x 320 and 65536 colors, which displays all the necessary information about the state of the power supply unit and the selected operating modes.
  • Independent Control of Each Channel: The possibility of independent control of each channel (serial / parallel / "+/-" with a single ground), which expands the power supply application possibilities.

The ODP3033 OWON laboratory power supply is an ideal choice for those looking for a high-performance and reliable power supply with advanced functionality and high precision. It can be purchased at the WST store at an affordable price by ordering by phone or through the online store.

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