Laboratory power supply PS-305D, 30B, 5A

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Thelaboratory power supply PS-305Dregulation is a linear DC power supply based on a traditional transformer and linear voltagesystem. The output power transistor is actively cooled in the form of a cooler - a fan that makes air circulate. The advantage of the linear design is high reliability and simplicity of design, low noise and voltage ripple. The power supply is designed for continuous operation. The power supply output can be connected in series, parallel or symmetrically to a second power supply of similar design. The maximum output power of the PS-305D power supply is 150 W = 30 V x 5 A. Thelaboratory power supply EXtools PS-305Dis compact. It is housed in a metal case with rubber feet that stabilize and prevent the power supply from moving across the table.

laboratory power supply YIHUA PS-305D-IImay be labeled differently from the supplier, such as DAZHENG PS-305D, WEP PS-305D or EXtools PS-305D. But all this is one and the same model, and you can always buy in our store “The House of the Radio Amateur” at the best price.

YIHUA PS-305D-II or EXtools PS-305D is equipped with two red seven-segment LED displays. The values ​​displayed on them are clearly visible under any lighting conditions. On the right side of the front panel there is a display with the inscription VOLTAGE - this is a voltmeter that measures the voltage value that is set at the output terminals of the laboratory power supply. On the right we have a display with the word CURRENT - this is an ammeter. The ammeter measures the current flowing from the PS305D power supply.

The output voltage value is adjusted by two potentiometers: the COARSE potentiometer roughly adjusts the output voltage, and the FINE potentiometer is used for fine tuning. The output voltage can be continuously adjusted from 0V to 30V. The resolution of the built-in voltmeter allows setting the output voltage with an accuracy of 0.01 V to 9.99 V and 0.1 V above 10 V. The voltmeter has an automatically switchable measurement range. This value is sufficient for amateur, service, workshop and laboratory use (in most cases). Optionally, using an external voltmeter connected in parallel to the output of the laboratory power supply, we can precisely control the potentiometers to further increase the control resolution.

PS-305D power supply can operate in two modes:

  1. CV or constant voltage - output voltage stabilization. The green LED on the front panel is on. In practice, this means that the power supply stabilizes the setpoint value, i.e. if we set the output to 12.0 V, then regardless of the receiver (load), it will consume a current of 0.6 A or 3.4 A, the value of the set voltage will be unchanged (stabilized). Only after exceeding the maximum current output of 5.0 A will the voltage begin to drop. According to Ohm's Law, the amount of current flowing drives the load.

  1. CC or Constant Current - stabilization of the output current. The front panel lights up green red. In practice, this means that the power supply stabilizes the value of the set current value and does not allow it to be exceeded. This mode is used less frequently. For example: if you set the upper current value to 4.5A (limit) with the current potentiometer, this value will not be exceeded at the output. Of course, if a load connected to the output of the laboratory power supply causes a lower current to flow, the power supply will automatically switch to constant voltage mode.

The EXtools PS-305D power supply has standard output voltage terminals: these are sockets for a 4mm banana plug. A banana plug can be connected to the output sockets. Red is the result (+) and black (-) is mass. The laboratory power supply is very easy to use. An irreplaceable source for powering devices with constant voltage. This greatly facilitates the process of training, testing, as well as all maintenance and repair work.

In the PS-305D laboratory power supply, the user can calibrate the voltmeter and ammeter readings using the service potentiometers located directly below the voltmeter and ammeter. We only calibrate when needed. The PS-305D power supply has been calibrated by the manufacturer during production and testing. At the same time, the price for PS-305D is very affordable even for novice craftsmen and hobbyists.

YIHUA PS-305DSpecifications: DC

  • Laboratory Power SupplyLaboratory Power Supply

  • Model: PS-305D

  • Manufacturer: YIHUA

  • Output Voltage Continuous Adjustment Output Voltage

  • Adjustment: 0-30.0V

  • Output Current Continuous Adjustment Output Current

  • Adjustment: 0-5.0 A

  • Current efficiency up to 5.0 A

  • maximum output power up to 150 W

  • two potentiometers COARSE (coarse) and FINE (fine)

  • for adjusting the voltage and current

  • CV (Constant Voltage

  • ) operation CC (constant current) operation

  • linear power supply on transformer

  • voltmeter: LED display with a resolution of:

  • = 0.01 V for voltages of 9.99 V

  • = 0.1 V for voltages above 10.0 V

  • ammeter: LED display with a resolution of 0.01 A

  • simultaneous reading of voltage and current flow output

  • active cooling - cooler

  • continuous forced air circulation

  • operating temperature: -10 ° C - 70 ° C

  • humidity: <80%

  • tochnos voltmeter readings: ± (1% + 1 digit)

  • ammeter reading accuracy: ± (1% + 1 digit)

  • voltage stabilization: ≤0.01% +

  • 3mV load stabilization: ≤0.01% + 5mV

  • Voltage ripple and noise : ≤1mV rms.

  • Supply voltage: 220 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz

  • Dimensions: 130 x 145 x 290 mm

  • Weight: 5 kg

Despite the richness of the range of functions, the price of the EXtools PS-305D laboratory power supply unit is quite affordable. And if you consider that in our online store very often there is a discount on these power supplies, then you should buy a YIHUA PS-305D laboratory power supply without hesitation. 

This laboratory power supply isperfect for running laptops, smartphones, tablets, phones without battery. Can be used as a power supply for electroplating.

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