Rework station 4in1 HandsKit 9305D (soldering iron+Hairdryer+laboratory unit+USB), 4 display

Brand: HandsKit
Product Code: HK9305D
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Rework station 4in1 HandsKit 9305D designed for soldering and dismantling of standard components. Consists of a hot air gun and soldering iron. Hot air gun and soldering iron separate keys are included, so you can use a hair dryer and a soldering iron.
A built-in power supply 30V. Soldering station is equipped with a configurable sleep mode (from 0 to 99 min). There is a USB port for computer connection.

Specifications soldering station HandsKit 9305D:

  • Temperature range of soldering iron: +200...+480°C
  • Temperature range of hot air gun: +100...+480°C
  • The type of heater soldering iron: ceramic
  • Type heater of hot air gun: metal spiral
  • Power: 720 Watts
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Voltage of soldering iron: 30
  • Soldering current: 5A


  • Manual temperature adjustment and air flow
  • Soldering iron tips and soldering iron
  • The possibility of simultaneous operation of a hair dryer and a soldering iron
  • Display
  • Customizable sleep mode
  • Temperature in °C and °F
  • The compensation function of temperature (in the range -50°/+50°C)
  • USB port

Package contents:

  • The control unit HandsKit 9305D
  • Soldering iron
  • Hot
  • Stand for soldering iron
  • Stand for hair dryer
  • Sponge for cleaning soldering tip
  • Nozzle for hair dryer (3 piece)
  • User manual
Вес без подставки металлическая спираль
Потребляемая мощность 720 Вт
Температурный диапазон паяльника +200...+480°C
Температурный диапазон термофена +100...+480°C
Тип паяльной станции Цифровая паяльная станция

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