Rework station 4in1 HandsKit 9305D (soldering iron+Hairdryer+laboratory unit+USB), 4 display

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    Soldering station HandsKit 9305D is a powerful and versatile tool for soldering and laboratory work. Providing a 4-in-1 (soldering iron, hair dryer, lab unit, USB), it meets a variety of electronics and repair needs. Here are some characteristics and features of this soldering station:

Main features:

  1. 4 in 1 Functionality:

    • Soldering iron: For precise soldering of elements on printed circuit boards.
    • Hair dryer: To remove or heat components.
    • Laboratory unit: For conducting experiments and testing.
    • USB port: For powering and charging devices.
  2. 4 Displays:

    • Display for each function for ease of use and monitoring.
  3. Temperature control:

    • The possibility of setting the temperature for each function.
  4. Wide Temperature Range:

    • For soldering and other works that require adjustable temperature.
  5. Ergonomic Design:

    • Comfortable handle and stable base for comfortable use.
  6. Built-in holder for Tools:

    • Ensures the organization of the workplace.

    Soldering station 4 in 1 HandsKit 9305D is intended for soldering and dismantling of standard components. It consists of a thermophone and a soldering iron. The heat dryer and the soldering iron are turned on by separate keys, so you can use both the hair dryer and the soldering iron at the same time.
There is a built-in 30 V power supply unit. The soldering station is equipped with a configured sleep mode (from 0 to 99 min). There is a USB port for connecting to a computer.

Technical characteristics of the HandsKit 9305D soldering station:

  • Soldering iron temperature range: +200...+480°C
  • Temperature range of thermophone: +100...+480°C
  • Soldering iron heater type: ceramic
  • Type of thermophen heater: nichrome spiral
  • Power: 720 W
  • Power supply voltage: 220 V
  • Power supply voltage: 30
  • Power supply current: 5A

Functional capabilities:

  • Manual regulation of temperature and air flow
  • Interchangeable tips and soldering iron
  • Possibility of simultaneous operation of hair dryer and soldering iron
  • Display
  • Configurable sleep mode
  • Temperature in °C or °F
  • Temperature compensation function (in the range of -50°/+50°C)
  • USB port


  • HandsKit 9305D control unit
  • Soldering iron
  • Thermofen
  • Stand for a soldering iron
  • Stand for hair dryer
  • Sponge for cleaning the stinger
  • Hair dryer nozzles (3 pcs)
  • User manual

    Soldering station HandsKit 9305D is a universal tool for electronics and repair that can be used in various fields. You can buy this station in the WST store at an affordable price

Потребляемая мощность 720 Вт
Температурный диапазон паяльника +200...+480°C
Температурный диапазон термофена +100...+480°C
Тип паяльной станции Цифровая паяльная станция

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