Buy a set of stings for soldering iron YIHUA 900M-T, 5shtuk (I, B, K, 2.4 D, 3C)

Brand: YIHUA
Product Code: 13-0544
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170 ₴

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Set of replacement soldering iron tips for soldering irons and soldering stations, replacement soldering tip. Package includes stinger: I, B, K, 2.4 D, 3C.

  • Type 900M-T
  • Inner diameter: 4 mm
  • Outer diameter: 6.2 mm

Suitable for soldering irons and soldering stations Lukey, Baku, Kada, KMT, Aida, etc. All Yaxun soldering tip provided with a protective coating (tinned) and ready to use.

Количество в упаковке 5 шт
Комплектация жала типов: 900M-T (I, B, K, 2.4D, 3C)
Тип набор жал

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