Tip with heater for Hakko T12-BC3

Brand: Hakko
Product Code: T12-BC3
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The T12-BC3 soldering iron tip is a reliable component designed for high-precision soldering work. Using high-quality material and a unique design, it guarantees high accuracy and reliability when working with electronic components and other materials.

The ideal choice for various types of soldering work: this tip is ideal for mounting electronic components, repairing wires and many other tasks. Its thoughtful design and optimal geometry ensure efficient heat transfer and soldering precision.

Make your soldering projects easy and productive: with the T12-BC3 tip, you can complete any soldering task quickly and efficiently.


  • High accuracy and reliability: ensures high quality soldering thanks to high-quality material and unique design.
  • Wide range of applications: ideal for various types of soldering work, including electronics and conductors.
  • Compatibility with various soldering stations: suitable for use with soldering stations Hakko, Lukey, Atten Baku, Kada, KMT, Aida, Yaxun and others.

Technical characteristics:

  • Coating material: nickel
  • Diameter: 5.5 mm
  • Resistance: 8.5±0.8Ω
  • Input: ≤DC 25V
  • Temperature: 0-500 °C
  • Power: ≤80W

Order the T12-BC3 Soldering Iron Tip now and get a component that will help you complete any soldering task with ease. You can buy it at the WST store at an affordable price.

  T12 standard replacement tip for suitable soldering irons and soldering stations. A convenient-to-use tip with a good heat capacity and allows you to carry out almost any work, be it soldering leads, SMD components or tinning boards and cleaning BGA contact areas. A feature of this tip for soldering irons and soldering stations is a built-in heater that ensures minimal heat loss.

    The stinger of the T12 series is integrated with a heater and a temperature sensor. Thus, the heating element and the tip of the soldering iron form one unit, called simply the tip. Please note that the temperature sensor (thermocouple) is placed very close to the soldering tip of the tip, which provides a very accurate temperature measurement during the soldering process. Tips of the T12 series are characterized by rapid heating (reaching a temperature of 300 °C in less than 30 seconds). The sting ends in electrical contacts. In the soldering iron, the T12 tip is attached to the latch. The small size of the T12 tips allows you to replace them while they are hot (using a heat-resistant mat that holds the hot tip).

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