Satellite Converter Inverto TWIN LNB BLACK Ultra IDLB-TWNL40-ULTRA-OPP

Brand: Inverto
Product Code: TLI-653
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TWIN LNB Inverto BLACK Ultra IDLB-TWNL40-ULTRA-OPP is a high performance product, the representative of the top line of Inverto converters with the lowest noise level. This allows to obtain a sufficiently strong signal from satellites with weak signals at the edges of the coverage area.
Thanks to its new architecture and high-quality components, LNB Inverto TWNL40-ULTRA combines high amplification and conversion and the best performance noise and phase distortion.
Combination of high-quality materials, excellent isolation between polarizations and improved design of the filter allows you to improve reception and provides a common gap in the quality of signal reception compared to standard converters. LNB Inverto IDLB-TWNL40-ULTRA-OPP allows signal reception from one satellite and its distribution to the two digital satellite receivers (or one receiver with two tuners).
Without problems copes with HD signal. The Converter is manufactured to the highest quality standards of the industry and designed according to the most stringent specifications and requirements. Converter Inverto IDLB-TWNL40-ULTRA-OPP Twin is the ideal solution for satellite broadcast reception across Europe to "make the most" of Your antenna.
Main features TWIN LNB Inverto BLACK Ultra IDLB-TWNL40-ULTRA-OPP
  • High performance
  • DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant
  • Very low noise level
  • Gorgeous crosspolarization insulation
  • High conversion gain
  • High reliability

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