Satellite Converter TWIN Sa S-201

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Satellite Converter TWIN Sa S-201

LNB TWIN universal Sa S-201 — universal satellite Converter Ku of a range with two independent outputs, linear polarization, and noise level to 0.1 dB. The Converter is used in a classic setting for two television points.

Converter universal Sa S-201 has a standard body, produced from quality plastic. Standard body extended neck of the Converter allows to efficiently tune to the desired satellite. The declared technical characteristics as the more expensive counterparts. The Converter is designed to transmit a signal to the receiver or PC DVB card. Used for offset antennas.

This model is very popular among professional installers.

Unlike LNB universal Twin LNB Universal Sa S-201 from other universal LNB is the low noise level of only 0.1 dB.

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