Xtra TV

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Xtra TV


Provide yourself a quality TV from Extra TV!


Official satellite operator XtraTV, one of the leading repeaters in Ukraine, is ready to provide a number of services for connecting and decoding channels.

In our store "House of ham" You will find not only information provided on the official site of Xtra TV but the same You can find packages of TV channels for every taste. Subscribers Xtra TV will get extended and interesting content offer that gives viewers the advantage of viewing the best Ukrainian and international TV channels.

Signal quality Extra TV in Ukraine gives the opportunity to take it through the TV set-top box or tuner on any TV, on the computer during work, on a smartphone or tablet on the road.
Favorite movies, TV shows, news, live broadcasts are always at hand with
high quality video and sound!

Extra online TV allows You to watch major sporting and cultural events live.

In thematic satellite television operator Ekstra TV do not contain commercials that can give you a great opportunity to watch your favorite movies and programs without the "annoying interruptions". Also given the opportunity to record any broadcast and view it at any time.

Choosing Xtra TV , the user receives:

¾ Easy connection;

¾ A large choice of packages

¾ Affordable price

¾ Additional discounts

¾ Discounts on the monthly fee

¾ Expert consultation store "House radiolyubitelya"

¾ Are guaranteed to get a free trial view all packages.

If You have a desire to develop long-term cooperation with the official satellite operator Xtra TV, dresidual purchase provider receiver Xtra TV BOX in our Internet store, to connect your device and start viewing any of the provided packages. Automatically, the subscriber is provided with a high level of content protection. Service protection provides built - in receiver conditional access system with a wide range of functions. It prevents illegal use of content and combating piracy.

Official website Extra TV serves more as a description of the satellite provider, our online shop WST provides the user with all the necessary information to purchase packages of channels, equipment for installation, service and maintenance craftsmen. In the future, the specialists of our service center is always ready to help configure the system.

The website WST.IN.UA features step-by-step instructions on setting up your satellite receiver. You can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Leave a request on the website. We call you back, give appropriate information, advise, help to choose.

Watch most popular TV channels in the best quality along with the official operator in Ukraine Xtra TV!



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