FSH-202D Pliers for crimping 14-28 AWG uninsulated terminals and stripping 16, 18, 20, 22 AWG cable

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FSH-202D pliers for crimping non-insulated terminals 14-28 AWG and stripping cable 16, 18, 20, 22 AWG – it is a universal tool designed for performing a wide range of electrical engineering works. They provide reliable crimping and precise stripping of cables, which makes them indispensable for both professionals and home craftsmen.

Main characteristics of FSH-202D ticks:

  • Crimping of Bare Terminals: The tool allows crimping of bare terminals in the range of 14 to 28 AWG (2.08 mm² - 0.08 mm²), covering a wide range of conductor diameters.
  • Cable Stripper: The pliers are equipped with cable stripper for sizes 16, 18, 20 and 22 AWG (1.29mm², 0.82mm², 0.52mm², 0.33mm²). This ensures accurate and careful removal of the insulation without damaging the conductors.
  • Manufacturing material: The pliers are made of high-quality manganese steel, which ensures their strength and durability, withstanding intensive use.
  • Ergonomic design: The handles of the tool have a comfortable shape and are made of anti-slip material, providing comfort during operation and reducing hand fatigue.

Advantages of using FSH-202D ticks:

  • Versatility: The combination of crimping and stripping functions makes these pliers a multi-purpose tool that allows you to perform several operations with one tool.
  • Accuracy: The ability to crimp and strip cables of different diameters ensures accuracy and quality of work performed, which is important for reliable electrical connections.
  • Ease of use: The ergonomic design and ease of use make the FSH-202D pliers ideal for long work sessions without significant hand strain.

The FSH-202D pliers will become a reliable tool in your kit, ensuring high-quality performance of cable crimping and stripping work. You can buy this tool from WST store at an attractive price, which will make your electrical projects more efficient and professional.

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