Sponge for sting 60x40mm

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: 13-0264
37 ₴

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A soldering iron tip cleaning sponge is an important accessory that helps ensure the proper functioning of your soldering equipment and keeps the tip clean while soldering. The sponge effectively removes solder residues and other impurities from the tip, which allows you to keep it in good condition and ensure high-quality work.

Technical characteristics of the sponge for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron:

  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 mm. These dimensions are ideal for convenient placement of the sponge on your workstation.

The soldering iron tip cleaning sponge can be easily replaced when it becomes too dirty or worn. It guarantees effective cleaning of the tip and keeps it in good condition, which in turn affects the quality of soldering and the service life of the equipment.

You can buy a soldering iron tip cleaning sponge at our WST store at an affordable price. This accessory is an important part of your soldering equipment and helps increase the productivity and quality of your work. Buy a sting cleaning sponge now and take care of your equipment!

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