Soldering iron WD-40W

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WD-40W Soldering Iron: An Excellent Choice for Soldering Jobs

The WD-40W soldering iron is a reliable tool for soldering, which will be useful for both beginners and professionals. With its help, you will be able to perform a variety of soldering and electronic repair work. Check out the main features of this soldering iron:

Main characteristics:

  • Power: 40W - The soldering iron has optimal power for many types of soldering work. It will allow you to quickly heat and melt solder to connect components.

  • Power supply voltage: The soldering iron operates in the voltage range of 220 to 240 V, which makes it compatible with standard power sources.

  • Wooden handle: The soldering iron is equipped with a wooden handle that provides a comfortable and reliable grip on the tool.

  • Nichrome heater: The high-quality nichrome heater allows the soldering iron to quickly heat up and get ready for work.

  • Interchangeable tip: The WD-40W soldering iron comes with an interchangeable tip, making it versatile for a variety of tasks.

The WD-40W soldering iron is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable soldering iron for soldering work. With its help, you can easily repair and install electronic devices, solder small parts and many other tasks. Add this soldering iron to your toolbox and get great results.

You can buy a WD-40W soldering iron in the WST store at an affordable price. Enjoy the quality and reliability of the tool and confidently perform your tasks with the WD-40W soldering iron!

Soldering iron power 40W

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