Soldering iron ZD-200C 30W (Euro plug)

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A General description of a soldering iron

Soldering iron ZD-200C with 30 W heater has a classic types of manufacturing namely, soldering pencil, a feature of this model is the Euro plug. Fit this oversized soldering iron for soldering or for soldering is not very rough wiring up to half a millimeter. Ideal for home and small workshops for repair of TV and radio equipment.

The workmanship of the soldering iron

The soldering iron is made of high quality materials as a whole or separately, for Example the handle of the soldering iron is made of non-combustible material of blue color which is for the convenience of wearing yellow rubber cap, which allows the soldering iron to sit comfortably in the hand and provides extra protection from burns. The result is a beautiful pen blue-yellow color in front of which is a heat diffuser to prevent overheating of the handle.

The heating and heated elements of the soldering iron

The soldering tip is attached to the collet. special shape soldering tip makes it a thermal capacity which in turn makes the solder uniform and beautiful. By the way the sting you can also order in our store WST.IN.UA in the category of “Sting for soldering irons”.

The soldering iron is equipped with a nichrome heater, as mentioned above, 30 watts of power, which is inserted into the stinger and the top is screwed onto the collet.

Benefits and recommendations

This type of soldering has several advantages over similar models. The soldering iron is very easy to use and maintain soldering is ideal for any household not acid fluxes, and rosin for soldering the most commonly used solders brand POS-60 but it is also possible to use other not refractory alloys.

Learn more about the characteristics of the soldering iron you can learn from the experts of our online store “House of ham”.


Characteristics of the soldering iron ZD-200C 30W (Euro plug):

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 30 Watts
  • Heating element: nichrome
  • Handle: plastic rubberized
  • Euro plug
  • Soldering iron tip replacement
Soldering iron power 30W

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