Soldering iron ZD-200N 25W

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD200N 25W
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Soldering iron ZD-200N 25W is a reliable and effective tool for soldering radio parts, microcircuits and connectors both at home and in professional conditions. Its power of 25 W provides optimal heating, which allows you to quickly and efficiently perform work without extra effort.

One of the important features of this soldering iron is a convenient plastic handle with a rubber insert. This provides a comfortable hold and allows you to work with the tool for a long time without fatigue. The handle also helps to avoid accidental slipping while working, which is important for precise and neat solder joints.

ZD-200N 25W soldering iron has optimal dimensions and weight, which makes it convenient for work both in home workshops and in production. Its high efficiency and reliability make it an excellent choice for electronics, modeling, repair of small devices and other areas where precise and high-quality soldering is required.

The ZD-200N 25W soldering iron is also noted for its durability and resistance to loads. It easily changes the tips for different types of soldering work, which expands its functionality and makes it a universal tool for various tasks.

Soldering iron characteristics ZD-200N 25W:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Power: 25 W
  • Heating element: ceramic
  • Handle: rubberized plastic
  • Type of sting: N1-1, N1-2, N1-3, N1-4

It should be noted that the ZD-200N 25W soldering iron is available for purchase in the WST store at an attractive price. Choose this soldering iron and get a reliable tool for your work that will help you perform soldering work quickly, efficiently and with high quality.

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