Soldering iron ZD-29 40W

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD29(40W)
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Soldering iron ZD-29 40W: A reliable and powerful tool for electronics

Soldering iron ZD-29 40W is not just a tool, it is a reliable assistant for repairs and creative projects in the world of electronics. With its power of 40 W and a comfortable plastic handle, it will be useful for solving a wide variety of tasks.

Main characteristics:

  • Power: Thanks to the power of 40 W, the soldering iron quickly reaches operating temperature and allows you to easily melt tin-lead solder.

  • Reliability: The soldering iron is made of high-quality materials and is characterized by durability and stable operation.

  • Handle: A comfortable plastic handle ensures comfortable holding of the soldering iron during operation, which makes the soldering process as accurate and easy as possible.

  • Power supply: The soldering iron is powered by a standard 220 V network, which makes it available for use anywhere.

The ZD-29 40W soldering iron will become your reliable assistant both in the field of professional repair and in hobby and creative projects. Let your ideas become reality with this powerful tool.

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Soldering iron power 40W

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