Soldering iron ZD-721B 60W (Euro plug)

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD721B 60W-E
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Description soldering iron ZD-721B power of 60W with a plug

    Soldering iron ZD-721В 60W ceramic heater is designed for the manual installation of radio. It is possible to apply in family matters, such as the solder wire at home charging, and in the laboratories of prof. Performed soldering iron with nichrome heater . With careful treatment will last a great number of years.

Brief specifications:

  • Supply voltage 220-240V (50/60 Hz)
  • Power consumption 60W
  • Cable length of 1.35 meters.

    The main feature of an electrosoldering iron Zhongdi ZD-721B nyrany component of heating, molesto 60W and is able to heat up to a temperature of 440°C. And the use of a type stinger v3 Delpy it a versatile tool. One more significant advantage - relatively low price.

    To palenichko suitable soldering tip: TIP B3-1, B3 TIP-2, TIP B3-3, B3 TIP-4

    Comfortable ergonomic handle made of heat resistant plastic with rubber inserts, it makes the inventory easy and pleasant.

    60-t watt power soldering iron will be more than dostatochno to work with most radio components and conductors. Soldering will flow quickly and easily.

Soldering iron power 60W
Питание 220В
Производитель Zhongdi
Тип Вилки Евровилка
Тип жала B3
Тип нагревателя Нихромовый
Тип паяльника Контактный

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