Soldering iron ZD-200NDQ powered by cigarette lighter (12V, 30W)

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD200NDQ/12V/30W
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The ZD-200NDQ soldering iron is a powerful and convenient soldering tool that uses power from a car cigarette lighter (12V). This soldering iron is ideal for working outdoors, in the car or in places where there is access to a cigarette lighter, allowing soldering even from a car battery.

Features of the ZD-200NDQ soldering iron:

  1. Power from the cigarette lighter: This soldering iron works on 12V, which is available in most cars through the cigarette lighter. This allows you to use the soldering iron almost anywhere there is a car.

  2. Power: The soldering iron has a power of 30 W, which makes it powerful enough for various types of soldering.

  3. Comfortable handle: The handle of the soldering iron provides a comfortable grip, which allows you to comfortably perform soldering work.

Technical characteristics of the soldering iron ZD-200NDQ:

  • Feeding: 12V (from cigarette lighter)

  • Power: 30 W

The ZD-200NDQ soldering iron is an excellent choice for those who need a mobile soldering iron for work outdoors or in conditions where there is no access to a standard power supply network. You can buy this soldering iron from the WST store, which specializes in selling quality soldering tools and equipment.

Soldering iron power 30W

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