Soldering station digital tester ZD-8901, 40W, 160-520°C

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Digital soldering station ZD-8901 is designed for repair and Assembly work in spetsializirovannyh workshops. The presence of the tester makes the model truly versatile and suitable for use in professional and Amateur activities. Power soldering station - 40W and the temperature - 160-520°C.

Features of digital Palea station tester ZD-8901:

  • LCD display for easy operation.
  • Heating of the soldering iron from room temperature to 350°C for 30 seconds.
  • The multimeter allows you to measure current, voltage, resistance and other characteristics, test diodes, etc.
  • Regulated power supply allows you to connect electronic devices with a supply voltage up to 12 V.
  • Equipped with modern anti-static protection.

Characteristics of digital Palea station tester ZD-8901:

  • Voltage 220-240 V 50/60 Hz.
  • Soldering iron: 24 V/ 48 W (120 W when heated), ceramic heater.
  • The range of adjustment of the temperature of the soldering iron 160°C-480°C.
  • Power source: 1.2-12 V, current up to 2 A.
  • Weight 2.5 kg
  • Type of soldering tip: N9
General characteristics
Вес 4.5 кг
Габариты 36 х 29х 23 см
Экран ЖК-дисплей
Напряжение питания 230В (220-240В)/ 50Гц
Потребляемая мощность паяльника 100 Вт
Температурный диапазон паяльника 160-480?
Тип нагревателя Керамический

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