Soldering station EXtools (HandsKit) 936

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Soldering station EXtools (HandsKit) 936 has been used successfully by beginners and professionals who prefer compactness and efficiency, for repairing electronics, smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras and small household appliances. Heating element of soldering iron is made of ceramic, whereby the heat conductivity and the quality of work is much higher than metal working parts.

Specifications soldering station EXtools (HandsKit) 936:

  • Supply voltage - 220 V
  • Power consumption - 60 W
  • Temperature range of soldering iron 200°C — 480°C
  • Weight station - 1300

The functionality of soldering station EXtools (HandsKit) 936:

  • Contact soldering
  • A sharp slice of soldering
  • Antistatic protection
  • Ceramic heating element

Package contents soldering station EXtools (HandsKit) 936:

  • soldering station;
  • soldering iron;
  • stand for soldering iron;
  • power cable;
  • manual.
General characteristics
Вес 1300 г
Мощность 60 Вт
Питание 24 В

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