Stand for soldering iron ZD-10S

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD10S
254 ₴

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ZD-10S soldering iron stand with soldering iron holder and sponge holder is a convenient and necessary accessory for everyone who does soldering. This tool provides a safe and organized workplace, facilitating the soldering process and increasing work efficiency.

The main characteristics of the ZD-10S stand:

  • Soldering iron holder: The stand is equipped with a spring holder with a guide, which ensures reliable fixation of the soldering iron during its storage and during breaks between work. This helps prevent accidental burns and damage to the work surface.
  • Material of the holder: The holder is made of metal, which ensures its strength and durability. The metal holder is able to withstand the high temperatures that occur when working with a soldering iron.
  • Sponge stand: The stand is equipped with a special place for the location of the sponge used to clean the tip of the soldering iron. This allows you to easily and quickly remove the remains of solder and oxides, keeping the tip of the soldering iron clean and ready for work.
  • Design: The compact and ergonomic design of the stand allows you to conveniently place it on the desktop without taking up much space. The spring holder provides easy access to the soldering iron and its convenient return to its place.

The ZD-10S stand is a great choice for both professionals and hobbyists. It helps maintain order at the workplace, ensuring safety and comfort during work. You can buy a stand for a ZD-10S soldering iron in the WST store at a good price, which will make your work with a soldering iron even more convenient and efficient.

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