Solder bath W-380 250 W. 200-450⁰С, ⌀ 80 mm, 1.6 kg

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: W-380
934 ₴

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    Soldering bath W-380 with a power of 250 W is a tool that will become your indispensable assistant in all soldering work. Whether you're into electronics repair, instrument making, or modeling, this soldering iron will provide you with reliable and accurate soldering work.

    With a tub diameter of 80 mm and a volume of 1.6 kg, this tub can easily accommodate different sizes of components and parts, allowing you to perform soldering operations conveniently and quickly. Excellent for both small elements and larger components, providing comfort and efficiency.

    One of the great advantages of the W-380 soldering bath is the ability to adjust the temperature in the range from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius. This gives you the opportunity to set the optimal temperature for different types of work, which ensures high-quality and safe soldering. This wide temperature range makes this soldering iron a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks.

    Soldering bath W-380 has a strong body that ensures durability and reliability of the device. Thanks to the high-quality materials from which the body is made, the bath withstands the load and serves for a long time without losing functionality.

    Don't miss the opportunity to buy this tool at the WST store at a great price. Soldering bath W-380 is your reliable assistant in soldering matters, which will help to achieve high quality work and get satisfaction from the result. Shop WST now and ensure efficiency and precision in your soldering operation!

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