Stand for BGA soldering ZD-11F

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD11F
10,006 ₴

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Stand for BGA soldering ZD-11F (included without a station) is designed for use in repair purposes, where printesa BGA mounting chips.
The stand easy mount hair dryer retractable strap with three-position lock that allows adjustment of the dryer into position to handle various circuit boards and chips, installed on structural frame with clips.

Supplied with stand for BGA soldering ZD-11F

  • turning the height and circumference of the securing element of the dryer;
  • design of two independent parts: frame and table platform for hair dryer;
  • special scheme for holding and positioning the repaired parts.

Weight: 5.6 kg
Dimensions: mm 350х250х110


The photo provides an example of the stand along with the station. Station not supplied.

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