Third hand with magnifier, light and soldering stand ZD-10MB

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD10MB
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Description of the manipulator third hand with a magnifying glass, backlight and soldering iron stand ZD-10MB + sponge


Included: bracket with a large magnifying glass, LED backlight, spiral soldering iron holder, durable cast iron base with space for a sting cleaner. Sponge for cleaning tips The whole kit can be purchased online store "houseandham." 

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Through hands-free set will allow you to work, such as:

  • gluing
  • soldering
  • repair

Specifications ZD-10MB

  • LED lighting (powered by three batteries AAA not included)
  • Increased dandruff: 2x
  • Glass lens
  • diameter magnifying glass, 90 mm
  • large magnifying glass on a tripod with possibility of raising and lowering.
  • Steel cast iron stand with a place for the cleaner stings
  • Two brackets with handles (clamps type "crocodile"), which can be installed at any angle.
  • Disassembly spiral soldering iron holder
  • Sponge is indispensable when cleaning the tips from the remnants of tin and other contaminants.

Sponge for cleaning the sting - in the process of soldering metal oxides and other contaminants remain on the tip, which affect the thermal conductivity of the tip, ie the lower the temperature, the earlier the tip wears out. Therefore, the soldering iron tip should be kept in excellent condition.

How to use a sponge: The sponge

should be moistened with water (wet) and only then remove the remnants of solder.



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