Third hand MG16129 with magnifier X3.0

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD10H
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The holder "Third hand" ZD-10H is an indispensable assistant for works that require high precision and detail. It will help you comfortably and efficiently perform various tasks that may otherwise be difficult.

The main advantage of the ZD-10H "Third Hand" holder is its metal tripod, which provides a reliable and stable fixation. The tripod has 6 nickel-plated movable fasteners that can fix objects in any position, providing you with maximum convenience during work.

Using a lens with a magnification of x 3.0 will allow you to examine small details in detail, even in cases where great attention to detail is required. The diameter of the lens is 90 mm, which makes the holder ideal for electronics work, micro-assembly, jewelry art and many other industries where precision is important.

The dimensions of the manipulator are 150 x 74 x 120 mm, which allows you to conveniently place the holder on the desktop and work with it comfortably.

Make your work more precise and detailed with the ZD-10H Third Hand Holder. Buy it at the WST store at a good price and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of work.

Characteristics of the manipulator Third hand ZD-10H (MG16129):

  • Tripod material: metal

  • 6 nickel-plated movable fasteners for fixation in all positions

  • A lens with a magnification of x 3.0

  • Lens diameter: 90 mm

  • Dimensions of the manipulator: 150 x 74 x 120 mm

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