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Description the combo tuner Openfox X8 Combo

Openfox x8 Combo is cheap, I can even say budget receiver which combines two tuners, satellite and terrestrial tuner T2. Included with the receiver is a remote IR sensor, power supply, HDMI cord, remote and two batteries. Form satellite receiver X8 Combo is very interesting and has good ventilation and is framed by a Golden yellow border, which in turn gives it an interesting aesthetic. The case is made of high quality plastic that comes with the tuner is the ease and possibility of its installation behind the TV or in the bedside table without cluttering the overview space.


The benefits of the combined tuner Openfox X8 Combo.

Along with the already listed advantages of the tuner it has the following advantages :

  • - combo receiver H. 265 DVB-S2X DVB-T2 / C

  • - Multithread support

  • - support of T2-mi

  • - Support the USE of DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1,1.2,1.3 and UNICABLE

  • - Resolution: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p 4K

  • - Supports blind scan, search across multiple satellites, multiple TP search Auto DiSEqC, terrestrial scanning, the scanning of the cables and storing up to 6000 channels.

  • -Automatic and manual channel search

  • Channel recording thanks to PVR and Timeshift

  • - Multilingual menu, audio and subtitles

  • - EPG, Teletext

  • - Favorite channel groups

  • - Update firmware and channel via USB

  • Function recall (last viewed channels)

  • - Supported media player

  • - Parental control

  • - 2 USB 2.0 ports

  • - HDMI output

  • - Wi-Fi and 3G connection is not required

  • - AV output port

  • - the remote IR port

  • - RS232 port

  • - remote led display

  • - Flash 4 MB

  • - 512 MB of RAM

The choice of decoder.

Buy combo receiver openfox x6m Combo is not only because he budget as well as it combines two tuner satellite, which supports standards DVB-S and DVB-S2 and digital terrestrial tuner that supports dvb-t and DVB-T2, which in turn creates additional convenience of having only one remote control two receivers.

Our online store offers to buy quality tuner Openfox X8 Combo with validation, which is key to getting a known good device.

But that's not all why you should acquire a satellite tuner combo X8 Combo Openfox since in addition to the functions of the satellite or terrestrial tuner it can serve as a media player, which can be with 2 USB ports, supports the following formats :

  1. MPEG-4;

  2. MPEG-1;

  3. MPEG-2;

  4. AVI;

  5. MOV;

  6. MKV;

  7. VOB.

And of course where no player IPTV, YouTube, weather, and Megogo, this receiver of course these functions are.

At least in the set to the tuner openfox X8 Combo is the HDMI cable, but AV connector allows you to connect the tuner not only to modern TV's but also to older TVs with RCA input(tulips), which makes it even more versatile

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