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Description tuner Openfox X8 HD.

Modern tuner in black with futuristic design represented a new model from the manufacturer Openfox. Model openfox S2 X8 is a continuation of the line tuner is the next model of the tuner Openfox X6 , which can also be bought in our online store “House of ham”, with some modifications and improvements, but the tuner was not injured, he is still in the budget range of receivers. The main difference in the tuner Openfox x-8 from the previous model, is the presence of a rs232 port. But despite the fact that it is built on the same platform with the previous model, the software in them is not interchangeable.

Openfox x 8 HD S2 Mini is equipped with the following connectors:

  • Antenna input( to connect a satellite dish);

  • AV output (for connecting to TV using connectors RСА) ;

  • HDMI output;

  • 2 USB port;

  • IR/Led (for connection of remote display and IR sensor);

  • The rs-232 port .

In the receiver OpenFox X8 HD Mini S2 sold well and the ventilation is done a sufficient number of access holes for the tuner does not overheat even in case of insufficient ventilation, even in hot weather.

In addition to using the openfox X8 tuner HD satellite tuner it can be used as a media player for viewing content from usb drives or from the Internet using the service of YouTube Megogo m3u IPTV and the like. Connecting to the Internet through wi-fi adapters that you can buy in the store the model of receiver supports two types of adapters it is the adapter 7601 MT and RT 5370. To play back content from USB flash drives it should be noted that the tuner openfox X8 HD supports the most current standards such as mpeg-1, mpeg-2, MPeg-4 And others, with support for many codecs.

The Openfox X8 HD receiver is assembled on a modern CPU GUOXIN gx6605s with a clock frequency of the processor 600 MHz, RAM 64 MB tuner is the size of the flash memory is 4 MB. The operating system in the own device and it's locked from editing.


Completeness of the device.

Completeness of the openfox X8 HD tuner is not very rich but it includes all the necessary elements and they consist of the following items:

  1. receiver;

  2. control panel;

  3. power supply;

  4. HDMI cable;

  5. remote IR sensor with LED display ;

  6. batteries;

  7. a user's manual.


Summing up and analyzing the above, we can assume that the model Openfox X8 HD is a national model with affordable price and good quality Assembly featuresand it's also worth noting that print my picture it is excellent quality, and in General, the quality of this model will satisfy even the most demanding user. So if you're still undecided with the choice to buy it OpenFox X8 HD.



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