New arrival from 05.11.20

Published: 05/11/2020

New arrival at the warehouse from 05.11.2020:

MS-07 Twisted Pair Termination Tool

UT-131B Digital Multimeter

UT-131D Digital Multimeter

UT-33 Digital Multimeter

UT-890D Digital Multimeter

WH806С Cable traker

TS75 Concealed wiring and metal detector

DT83B Pocket digital multimeter

UT-377A Wood moisture meter

DT9205A + Digital Multimeter

UT658 USB tester (current, capacity, voltage)

HT-336C Hanlong Coaxial Cable Pliers RG-58,59,62,6

Hot Air Rework Station HandsKit 850D, with display

Mounting socket F, nut in the middle, length 18mm, zinc


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