Arrival of new remotes for October 2023

Published: 06/10/2023

A significant event recently took place in the warehouse - a large batch of various remote controls for well-known brands of televisions and other household devices arrived. This supply of remote controls expands our range of products and will allow us to meet the needs of our customers even better. The list of new remotes is attached:

  • Remote control BN59-01312B bluetooth version
    Remote control BRAVIS UHD-50M8000
    Remote control ERGO 32DH3000
    Remote control ERGO 32DHS6000 MEGOGO
    Remote control Gi IPTV GI LUNN 18, GI LUNN 28, GI LUNN 216, GI LUNN 276
    GRUNHELM GT9HD32 remote control
    GRUNHELM GTV32T2 (43CU6500AK) Huayu16108 remote control
    GT9ND32GA remote control
    GTX R10 PRO remote control
    Hisense EN2B27 remote control
    HOFFSON remote control A24HD300T2S
    HOFFSON A43FHD100T2S remote control
    HUAYU RC-1683701 Philips remote control
    HUAYU SKYWORTH RM-L1592 remote control
    HUAYU remote control for SONY RM-L1370
    JVC RM-C3338 remote control
    Remote control K-1028E AC Air Condition 1000 IN 1
    Remote control K-1038E+L
    Remote control KIVI RC20 infrared
    Remote control KIVI RC80 IR
    Remote control LG AKB73975761
    Remote control LG AKB74455403 SMART 3D
    LG remote control AKB76037605
    Lorton S2-33, S2-55, T2-18 MINI remote control
    MANTA S43FHD20B remote control
    MI-Ver.1 remote control
    Remote control MI-Ver.2
    Remote control MI-VER.3
    Remote control MI-Ver.4
    Remote control MI-Ver.5
    Remote control MI-Ver.5
    MI-VER.6 remote control
    MI-VER.7 remote control
    MI-VER.8 remote control
    MYSTERY MTV-2622LW remote control
    Mystery MTV-3250FST2 remote control
    Q remote control -SAT-Q-44/Q-45,
    Remote control RC-20-V1
    Remote control RM-D1318
    Remote control RM-D1318
    Remote control RM-G2100 V8
    Remote RM-G2200 V2
    Remote RM-HS1530
    Remote RM-J1500V1
    Remote RM-L1080 Plus
    Remote RM-L1178+
    Remote RM-L1210+G PRO< br />Remote control RM-L1335 PLUS 2
    Remote control RM-L1379
    Remote control RM-L1560
    Remote control RM-L1589
    Remote control RM-L1616
    Remote control RM-L1625< br />RM-L1658 remote control
    RM-L1726 V2 remote control
    RM-PH1525 remote control
    RM-TB1586 remote control
    ROMSAT T2020 remote control
    ROMSAT T2050/ T2050+/T2070 remote control / T2090/ T2200/ T2900/ T2950HD/ T2300HD T2 mini, Ablee T2 mini.
    Remote control Samsung BN59-01178B
    Remote control SAMSUNG L32/L34/L42
    Remote control SAT INTEGRAL S-1225HD,S-1227, S-1237, S-1247, S-1218, TIGER X90< br />SATURN L1153 remote control
    SHARP LCDTV GJ210 remote control
    SONY RM-ED009 remote control
    STRONG STR-7600 remote control
    SUPRA Y-72C remote control (STV-LC3217W)
    Remote control Tanix TX6 [IPTV, ANDROID TV BOX]
    Remote control TOSHIBA RC1910
    Remote control TOSHIBA CT-90326
    Remote control URC1728
    Remote control VESTEL RC-1045
    Remote control WORLD VISION T56 / T59/ T59D/ T126
    X8 remote control
    X96 learning MAX SMART TV BOX remote control
    XIAOMI MI TV Bluetooth function remote control
    XIAOMI XMRM-006 voice function remote control

Also in the range Protective Silicone Case for Samsung Remote Controls series BN59-01259B 01265A 01312F

Delivery and Consultation

The team is always ready to provide advice and help in choosing the right remote for your device. We offer fast and reliable shipping so you can get your remotes as soon as possible.

Now, with our expanded range, you have more options to conveniently manage your devices. We are always ready to meet your needs and provide the highest quality service.

Tags: BN59-01312B bluetooth version, BRAVIS UHD-50M8000, ERGO 32DH3000, ERGO 32DHS6000 MEGOGO, Gi IPTV GI LUNN 18, GI LUNN 28, GI LUNN 216, GI LUNN 276, GRUNHELM GT9HD32, GRUNHELM GTV32T2 (43CU6500AK) Huayu16108, GT9ND32GA, GTX R10 PRO, Hisense EN2B27, HOFFSON


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