New arrivals of soldering equipment from 09/10/2021

Published: 10/09/2021
Finally, we received the long awaited delivery. Be careful, for some positions the price has risen significantly

Soldering station suction of solder ZD915
Soldering station ZD99 48W
HAIR DRYER 300 W. 150-500⁰C ZD8907
Soldering iron 20-130W with cap and power indicator (tip N1-1) ZD70DA
Soldering iron 300W TLW 300W
Soldering iron 30W with wooden handle WD (30W)
Soldering iron 40W with wooden handle WD (40W)
Soldering iron 60W with wooden handle WD (60W)
Soldering iron HQ mini 8W 12V for soldering station ZD927, tip D3-1 ZD20A
Soldering Iron 8 W USB Power ZD20U
Soldering iron - vipaluvach 30W + 5 nozzles + stand in a box ZD410B
Soldering iron 50 W Euro plug ceramic heater ZD200N 50W
Soldering kit (soldering iron 220V30W, stand, 5 tips, 3 tools, pliers) ZD921G
Soldering kit (220V30W soldering iron, desoldering pump, stand, 10g solder, tip) ZD972B
Soldering iron-roaster with attachments (19 attachments) ZD972A
Solder suction ZD190
Solder suction ZD192
Solder suction ESD ZD106K
Soldering iron stand ZD11B
Soldering iron stand ZD10T
Solder Wire 1.0mm ZD180 1.0MM
Solder Wire 1.5mm ZD180 1.5MM
Solder Wire 2.0mm ZD180 2.0MM
Solder Wire 2.5mm ZD180 2.5MM
Solder Wire 3.0mm ZD180 3.0MM
PLCC Chip Extractor ZD150
"A set of 6 tools is designed for installation and repair work with radioelements on boards, ZD151"
White clamp for lamp ZD129, ZD140 ZD129A WH
Black clamp for lamp ZD129, ZD140 ZD129A BK
Copper tip B2-6
Soldering iron tip ZD-200N 25W / 30W / 40W N1-1
Soldering iron tip ZD-200N 25W / 30W / 40W N1-2
Soldering iron tip ZD-200N 25W / 30W / 40W N1-4
Soldering iron tip ZD200B 60W B3-2
Soldering iron tip ZD507 150W D2-1
D4-1 tip D4-1 electric suction nozzle
Soldering iron tip TLW100 TIP TLW100 TIP
Soldering iron tip TLW150 TIP TLW150 TIP
Spare element for burner D2-13
Spare element for burner D2-14
Spare element for burner D2-16
Spare element for burner D2-18
Soldering iron tip WD80W B4-1
Heating element for ZD200B 60W 78-2028H
tip N9-2
tip N9-3
tip N9-5
tip B2-5

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