New Horizons in Repair and Creativity: Replenishment in the "House of the Radio Amateur"

Published: 02/02/2024

New products for soldering equipment have arrived in the assortment of the "House of radio amateur" store:

Our range now includes new models of soldering devices and accessories from a well-known manufacturer. Among them:

  1. ZD20KH - Thermal knife for cutting polystyrene foam, foam plastic
  2. ZD20K-1 and ZD20KS - Sets for cutting polystyrene
  3. ZD723N - Soldering iron (in the form of a gun) 25-130 W
  4. ZD70D - Soldering iron 20-130 W, ceramic heater
  5. TLW 500W - Soldering Iron 500W
  6. ZD751 - Soldering iron 300 watts with temperature regulation from 200 to 600 C.
  7. ZD20G - Portable soldering iron with stand on 18650 battery. Power: 8W. Micro USB connector for charging. Heating in 15 seconds. Charge indication.
  8. ZD751L 200W - Soldering iron 200 watts with temperature control
  9. ZD507L - Soldering iron for soldering plastic (bumpers) on 18650 battery + 200 staples
  10. ZD10Y USB - Stand for soldering iron + magnifying glass + two crocodiles + crocodile + chip for cleaning stings (for batteries)
  11. ZD752 KIT - Plastic repair kit
  12. ZD11P and ZD11P-1 - Flexible PCB holders
  13. ZD170 20g and ZD170 50g - Solder paste 20 and 50 Gr.
  14. C1-1, C1-2, C1-3, C2-4, N1-1, N1-2, N1-3, N1-4, B4-1 long life, B2-4, TLW100 TIP - Various tips for soldering irons
  15. D2-13, D2-14, D2-16, D2-18 - Spare parts for the burner
  16. MG19157 and MG16130-108C - Binoculars and magnifier stands

Now you have the opportunity to purchase the most modern equipment for soldering work and accessories to improve it. Visit the "WST" store and choose the best for your repair or creativity!

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