Soldering iron ZD-200C for station ZD-99

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Product Code: ZD200C-ZD99
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Product description Soldering iron ZD-200B for station ZD-98

In any Amateur radio operator starts the moment when a simple soldering iron is not enough. And the next move is the purchase of a soldering station. A great option not only for home but also for prof applications considered solder station ZD-98, with a soldering iron ZD-200B a good choice.


Soldering iron ZD-200B is specialized for work in tandem with the station. He is a very good Supplement to this device. Palenicek ZD-200B contains a small weight. It allows to use the device for a long period of time. For prevent breakdown, the handle of the tool is made of plastic. It is comfortable and just the hand.

The heating element in the soldering iron ZD-200B nichrome. This significantly reduces the cost of the model provided, but does not affect the quality of the work. Counterparts with ceramic heater more durable, subject to careful handling. But if to apply the device for home, the soldering iron ZD-200B provides confidently work on all tasks.

In case you have long been addicted to Amateur radio business and ordinary soldering irons are not able to satisfy all necessary about you the mandatory need to acquire a soldering station.

About all the nuances of this device and the accessories will tell the experts of the store WST.

Technical properties:

Voltage: 220 - 240 V 50 / 60 Hz;
Range of temperature: 150 — 450°C;
Weight: 0.8 kg.

Package contents:

Soldering iron;

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