Arrival of new goods for March 2023

Published: 28/03/2023

Soldering station + solder suction ZD987

LED flashlight 5W + 22LED (similar to YJ-2886), 4V 6000mAh with USB and Power Bank function

Hinged mount 26"-55" 400x400mm L010S

Indoor antenna DVB-T2 with an amplifier without a block

Charger Suoer SON-1206D 12V CHARGER

Charger Suoer SON-1210 12V CHARGER

Charger Suoer SON-1203B 12V CHARGER

Charger Suoer MH-1210A 12V CHARGER

Charger Suoer MA-1210AS CHARGER

Charger Suoer MA-1220AS CHARGER

Mains charger Suoer MA-1230AS

Mains charger (30-70Ah) + mains adapter

Charger Suoer 12V 50A

Charger Suoer 12V/24V 20A

Charger Suoer 12V 5A

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