With a heritage spanning over 120 years, the Thomson brand has been part of the world's greatest technological revolutions with an unwavering commitment to making innovation accessible to all. At home and abroad, our innovation is inseparable from everyday life. We contribute to the special moments you share with your friends and family. The Thomson brand offers a wide range of electrical products covering television, audio-video, telephony, information technology, connected devices, household appliances, small and large appliances, as well as health and wellness, but only TVs are still available in our Ham Radio store. Thomson, monitors and cordless phones.

“Friendly technology means being on the side of people. This is proof that innovation and emotion can go hand in hand. We can rely on friendly technologies, we can trust them."

For over 120 years, generations of families have trusted Thomson to make everyday life easier, both at home and outside, for the reliability and quality of its products.

With this brand identity, Thomson underlines the values ​​that made it successful: trust, sharing, innovation, simplicity, style.

In this way, the brand offers the masses reliable products and useful innovations so that everyone can take advantage of technology through one of the widest ranges of technology products: TVs, audiovisuals, telephones, information technology, connected products, and the Internet will help you to buy Thomson products. store WST.

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