"Xiaomi" — a Chinese technology company that is among the largest manufacturers of electronics and gadgets in the world. Founded in 2010 in Beijing by Lewan Jiu, the company has become known for manufacturing a variety of electronics, including smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, headsets, modern home appliances and other products.

One of the characteristic features of Xiaomi products is high quality at affordable prices. The company widely uses an online sales strategy and interaction with the user community, which allows it to effectively promote its products on world markets.

One of the most popular lines of Xiaomi products are smartphones of the "Mi" series. and "Redmi". In addition, the company produces products for a smart home, electric transport, audio equipment and much more.

Innovation and functionality are important aspects of Xiaomi's philosophy, which allows it to remain at the forefront of technology and satisfy the needs of its customers.

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